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Comic Books

What a boring title.

Comics were my favorite when I was a little boy up to… maybe sixth or seventh grade.  Those and the Hardy Boys, and I fairly doubt we’re going to look at the Hardy Boys in Vis Rhet, but one out of two ain’t bad.

I’ve read the Hatfield and the McCloud; the Hatfield was a little too jargony for me, but the McCloud was an awesome piece, and helped me to look at comics in a way I hadn’t before.  Probably the best thing I’ve read in this class thus far.  The pyramid he draws up, essentially cartesian coordinates, was explanatory and informative, but more than that, the way it was written showed the guy really loves his comics.  About the only other behind-the-scenes look at comics I’d had before was from Chasing Amy, when I saw two guys who did comic books and thought to myself, “so that’s how they do it.”

I’m not going to add a whole lot extra to my post (it’s short of a thousand by a several hundred, sorry), but I will post a couple of images of my two fav’s from my youth.  If anyone actually reads these things (thanks Valerie) and has some suggestions on other comics that would be helpful for my final project, let me know.  Also, one other question but a little off-topic; when I was on vacation one year we stopped at some book trader who had comics, and I got some that I’d never seen before.  They were a little more fantasy based, but all I can really recall was a pale guy who was connected to a sword.  Not physically, but he had to keep it in his possession, it gave him superhuman powers, but when separated he would waste away and die.  What’s the name of that comic?

And, just a little fun trivia–one of the images in McCloud’s narrative is of a woman in the middle of conversation, saying something about “he was up minding his own business and they put nukes at his front door.”  That was Rogue from the Uncanny X-Men, talking about Magneto who was flying around on Asteroid M and got provoked into messing with the humans.  Woot!


The X-Men shows the transition from the old school to the newer glossy comic art.  I was alive and reading them when this shift was occurring, pretty neat but I loved em all.



Final Projects

It’s already the blasted middle of the semester (or just past).  Tonight we’re going to spring forward, which means more sun for everyone, freaking awesome, even though I’m on some vampire antibiotics that make me photosensitive.  I don’t even know why I’m on antibiotics, the doc told me it was the flu, which means viral, but I went ahead and finished out my dose.



For a final project, I haven’t narrowed it down greatly, but I have settled on a theme, and it’s going to be comics.  Visual narrative, what have you.  X-Men and Spider Man!  Or, I might try and be a little more rigorous with it (as in, I will).  But I just read the McCloud piece, going to respond tomorrow to it, and I realized I hadn’t ever especially analyzed all that goes on in comics.  And there’s a lot there.

More on this later.