Because a Project is Never Complete

Wanted to add two more cents to it.  I was thinking about the project last night, about the argument I’ve been making, and it seems that what I’m saying are two major points:

One) Images and the Aesthetic reach a person before words (duh, but it makes more sense when you’ve read the rest).

Two) For most of our speech (and I equate composition as following speech in all the significant ways; I suppose one could pose an objection here) we do not operate in a continuum so much as in this:



A bell curve.  We are not hypertechnical philosophers the majority of the time, nor do we deliberately obfuscate and present ambiguity with our meanings.  That is the job of very specific areas–language games–and I don’t see the internet particularly altering things.

What is more interesting is the fact that images can be placed AT ANY POINT along this bell curve and serve a purpose in a language game, per that game’s rules.  THAT is the great flexibility of the image, and why, in our digital age, Visual Rhetorics seems to me to need a revision from the Grand Narrative of composition.  It does not need to be as radical as Rice imagines it, because seeing it in its true light is an awesome thing, indeed.


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