Final Thoughts

One who read this start to finish might wonder exactly the place of images. I do, myself, wonder if raw photographs always belong on that line of language games—and I have determined, in the end, to settle with no judgment on this. Perhaps with further analysis of Wittgenstein’s theories we might come to some idea of whether a tourist’s picture of Paris belong in the scope of language games (or whether paintings, or photoshopped pictures, etc. do). What I have maintained some faith in is my continuum, and that the starting point of images is on that left side of the line, and the aesthetic power of the visual.

What makes images so unique is their flexibility to figure in almost every language game we have derived. Business reports, comic books, résumé’s (a language game unto themselves), cook books, advertisements (clearly), all use images. Mathematics grounds its abstract formulas with figures; long, dry narratives give breadth and imagination to their words with pictures, so that we can re-imagine our continuum this way. This is the only paper that I have ever concluded with a picture—thanks for the class.




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